Young Thug Isn’t A Fan Of Andre 3000

Young Thug

Not that way back, Young Thug appeared on T.I’s podcast, Expeditiously, the place Thugger, T.I, and Benny The Butcher touched on numerous subjects. During their chat, Young Thug addressed a few issues, together with his ideas on Andre 3000.

It all began when T.I. requested Thugger if he wore the Jeffery gown for publicity, which he has all the time denied. Young Thug says he purchased a pair of Mason Margiela sneakers, and the gown merely appeared good with it, so he bought it too.

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Additionally, T.I. talked about Andre 3000 who as soon as wore a gown as nicely, which prompted the rapper to speak about his experiences with the co-member of OutKast. Thugger stated he didn’t know a lot about Andre 3000, in truth, he couldn’t even identify two of his songs.

T.I. went on to say that he was undoubtedly “missing out,” as a result of he was an important individual to work with. T.I. stated Young Thug ought to work with him the identical means he did with Elton John. Young Thug stated there was an enormous distinction between the 2 males, nonetheless, claiming that John appreciated to “Kiss a**” however Andre 3000 likes to get his “a** kissed.”

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According to Young Thug, Elton John is sort of a fan, whereas Andre 3000 is way harder to work with. The rapper went on to say he didn’t care a lot about Andre 3000 and had little interest in making an attempt to work with him or imitate his fashion.

Hip-hop followers know Andre 3000 is certainly one of two members of the hip-hop group, OutKast, who has gone down in music historical past as one of many greats. Additionally, Andre 3000 has used his abilities as a songwriter and producer on different artists’ data.

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Nevertheless, this wouldn’t be the primary time Young Thug appeared to have beef with one other artist. Earlier within the 12 months, Thug and French Montana have been going at it on social media after the latter stated Kendrick Lamar couldn’t compete with him on a hit-by-hit foundation.

French Montana later clarified his remarks, saying how Lamar had masterpiece albums, however he didn’t have as “many hits” as him.


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