US Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky says suspending Olympics was ‘definitely the best name’

US Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky says postponing Olympics was 'certainly the right call'

“I think we all expected it, as we saw how things were going around the world, and here in the US a lot of athletes weren’t able to train, and we could see in the future that was going to be the case,” Ledecky stated.

“And it doesn’t really make sense to bring everyone from around the world together in the middle of a pandemic.”

Like others, Ledecky was scrambling to discover a place to swim. But whereas she usually trains at Stanford, every little thing within the Bay Area is closed down, she stated.

“During these last couple of weeks we’ve been able to swim in some backyard pools, just very small groups,” Ledecky stated. “And really I’m not doing anything besides staying in my apartment trying to stay in shape the best I can. But pretty much doing what everyone else is, hunkering down.”

When normalcy returns is anybody’s guess. But for Ledecky, she is assured when that occurs, she’ll have the ability to get again as much as the extent she’s accustomed to.

“I think I’ll be able to get back there pretty quickly,” she stated. “I think we’re all facing the same uncertainty of we don’t know when things will be back to normal and what that new normal will look like. But I think once we can start kind of knowing what that will look like and when the Olympics will exactly be, we can get back into hard training and work towards Tokyo.”

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As for her targets, they don’t seem to be altering. She simply is aware of she’ll have to attend a bit longer.

“I still have goals I wanted to achieve, goals that I was hoping to achieve this summer,” Ledecky stated. “But I’m perfectly fine putting those on the back burner for next year and staying committed to those goals.

“Goal setting has been essential to me and retains me motivated daily to get off the bed and work out onerous. And I need to signify Team USA subsequent 12 months and do it very well.

“I think it’s going to be really cool if everything comes together. Hopefully we can continue to fight this disease and reduce the spread and be able to compete in Tokyo. But I think when we get there, it’s going to be a true celebration of the world being able to come together again.”

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