Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Update: The Couple Returns To The U.S.

Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Update: The Couple Returns To The U.S.

Tom Hanks and Rita Ora return to the US following a few weeks in Australia. The Shade Room has all of the obtainable particulars.

The couple was quarantined two weeks there following the optimistic coronavirus analysis.

‘The couple was all smiles on Friday when they were spotted taking a drive in Los Angeles, according to @enews,’ TSR writes.

TSR continues and writes: ‘Tom and Rita were in Australia where Tom was filming an upcoming #ElvisPresley biopic. It was there that they reported experiencing symptoms related to the coronavirus.’

It’s been revealed that Tom and Rita have posted about their restoration again to well being and have stored followers up to date on the scenario by way of social media.

While lots of people had been frightened about them, there are additionally people who preserve claiming that that is all a lie, and celebs are paid to say that they acquired contaminated.

Someone mentioned: ‘Now quarantine two more weeks in the US,’ and one other follower posted this: ‘So being in quarantine for two weeks just suddenly gets rid of the virus? Just wondering.’

Another follower mentioned: ‘They better go back into quarantine before they catch it again,’ and another person posted: ‘Because they weren’t even sick within the first place!’

One different follower mentioned: ‘These celebrities are getting paid by the government to lie, there is an agenda to everything yall.’

A commenter posted this: ‘Meanwhile, me, a regular citizen has waited seven days for test results,’ and another person mentioned: ‘Can we keep them in Australia until we know for sure they don’t have it in any respect.’

One Instagrammer posted: ‘Meanwhile, people still waiting and dying over the lack of testing kits. They should make it accessible for everyone that needs it now, just the wealthy.’


Tom has been posting all kinds of messages on his social media account with a view to preserve followers up to date on this and Rita’s situation throughout these laborious instances.

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