Tiny Harris Tells Sabrina Peterson To Stop Harassing Her Family


Tiny Harris dropped an vital and indignant message for Sabrina Peterson after what she mentioned about T.I. Check out what she needed to say under.

‘Hold up… So you want your abuser to train your sons? He was just uncle 2 years ago … 🤔now when did you say my husband assaulted you? Did you change your mind or change it back? What’s up with you at the moment Pooh? I’m confused, Stop Harassing My Family. You unusual. Everybody know you been particular (face slicing seminar girl). Please Get assist. But LEAVE US ALONE‼️😘’ Tiny captioned her publish.

A follower mentioned: ‘ I knew something was off about her. People be weird’, and another person posted this: ‘👏thank you!! I was your waitress at Scales 825 your bday party. She was right there! Ppl tried to go off on me because I said she was wrong! Now.. here’s all of the info! She performs sufferer on a regular basis.’

A follower mentioned: ‘Girl pay her no attention she talks mess about everybody from city to city!’ and one different commenter posted this: ‘That chick is a drama Queen. Looking for a way to get in the blogs. SMH!!!’

Someone advised this to Tiny: ‘As a wife, this was well said. Whatever the situation is the internet is not the place. God bless you all.’

Another follower posetd this message: ‘Smh wild 🤦🏾 anything for clout not realizing how it affects family,’ and one different follwoer mentioned: ‘& period!!!! Nobody would talk shit about my husband!!!! FACTS.’

A fan posted this: ‘Tameka nobody believes her y’all don’t gotta clarify or justify! These individuals do something for fame and cash!’

Someone else mentioned: ‘It’s actually unhappy as a result of it’s the ppl you assist be the one to set you up. The finest revenge resides properly. Because her story didn’t make sense. Black love retains that going.’

Earlier at the moment, Tiny Harris revealed just a bit whereas in the past that in the course of the Mix sequence, Ashanti will probably be addressing her Verzuz battle with Keyshia Cole. Check out Tiny Harris’ message.


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