The Sun’s Lawyer Accuses Johnny Depp Of Attacking Amber Heard For Withholding His Medication During Caribbean Island Detox

Johnny Depp

As a part of Johnny Depp’s new court battle with the owners of the British newspaper, The Sun, arguments had been learn in a trial through which extra claims in opposition to Depp had been revealed.

Page Six says that Johnny has been accused of violently attacking Heard throughout his detox on a Caribbean island as a result of she withheld his treatment. Reportedly, Depp visited his personal Caribbean island within the Bahamas in August 2014, with Heard performing as his personal nurse.

The Daily Mail was the primary to report that Heard went alongside on the journey to behave as a private assistant to Depp as he continued to battle off drug dependancy and substance abuse. Heard reportedly texted one in every of his medical doctors that he was “flipping again.”

The Sun’s lawyer, Sasha Wass, says Depp slapped Amber and kicked her to the bottom as he fought the comedown from Roxicodone. She wrote in her messages that he had simply began “screaming” and he bought so mad that he pushed her.

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Depp defended himself by arguing that he by no means attacked Amber in any means. Due to his weakened state as a consequence of the detox, he was not within the situation to take action, the actor claimed. Reportedly, Amber will seem on the Royal Courts of Justice on the ninth of July.

In his protection, Depp claimed Amber’s withholding of his treatment was one of many worst issues she had ever completed to him. The actor described it was one of many worst moments in his life when he cried on the ground attributable to not receiving his treatment.

Even although he had accused her of cruelty, Depp reportedly texted Amber’s mom, thanking her daughter for taking care of him as a “poor old junkie.”

In a separate incident, Depp was questioned about his habits together with violent outbursts through which he would punch a wall or break one thing within the dwelling. Depp stated to the courtroom that he would slightly take out his anger on an inanimate object than the particular person he beloved.


Earlier this week, the actor was also accused of abusing Amber’s dog. 

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