Ohio girl tased after she refused to depart a center college soccer sport for not sporting a masks

Ohio woman tased after she refused to leave a middle school football game for not wearing a mask

Alecia Kitts was within the stands watching her son’s soccer sport in Logan, Ohio, on Wednesday when police say a college useful resource officer requested her to put on a masks. She refused, saying she had bronchial asthma. Logan police mentioned Officer Chris Smith advised her that if she did not put her masks on, she can be requested to depart.

In a information convention yesterday, Gov. Mike DeWine mentioned Kitts was advised that if she had bronchial asthma, she might get a face protect and are available again for the sport.

“The female continually refused his request and Officer Smith advised her that if she refused to leave, she would be cited for trespassing and escorted off the property,” the Logan Police Department mentioned in a statement on Facebook.

“After several attempts to get her to leave, Officer Smith advised her she was under arrest for criminal trespassing and asked her to place her hands behind her back multiple times and she refused.”

Video from the incident reveals Kitts shouting, “Get off of me! You’re not arresting me for nothing. I ain’t doing nothing wrong! What the f— is wrong with you, people?”

The video didn’t seize the preliminary confrontation.

Police say Smith tried to put her hand behind her again and Kitts resisted.

“Officer Smith advised her to comply or he would deploy his Taser if she did not quit resisting. She continued to resist, and Officer Smith placed his Taser on her shoulder area and drive stunned her once,” police mentioned.

Marietta City Schools Superintendent Will Hampton advised Source that not sporting a masks is a violation of the rules issued by the governor and the Ohio High School Athletic Association to each district in Ohio.”

“It is critically essential to grasp that if we wish to proceed to take pleasure in athletics, these are the foundations that we should comply with. If spectators selected to not comply with the orders of the governor and the OHSAA, we might lose the chance to take part in athletic competitors for our pupil athletes, and our capacity as spectators to cheer them on,” Hampton said in a statement.

Police say that Kitts was not arrested for failing to wear a mask, but was asked to leave the property for violating school policy and was then trespassing, once she refused to leave.

Kitts’ attorney, Maurice Thompson, told CNN in an email that she “has accidents, together with a damaged arm, apparently.”

He did not respond to CNN’s calls to further explain her injuries.

In his email, her attorney wrote, she committed no crime and thus committed no “prison trespass.”

“The Logan School District completely misapplied the legislation, and misapplied it haphazardly and violently,” he wrote.

“Ms. Kitts defined to the coverage officer and directors that she has bronchial asthma, however they ignored her,” Thompson wrote. “Their place was that un-masked asthmatic should go away the stadium, with just isn’t per any directive or different legislation.”

CNN examined the statewide policy and did find that there is a medical exception that expressly covers those who have “respiratory circumstances that limit respiratory.”

Police say that after county medical services arrived, Kitts refused treatment. She was released at the scene.

The Logan Police Department posted on Facebook that the arrest “is an unlucky incident for everybody concerned” and stays below investigation.

Police say further prices are pending on Kitts and one other feminine topic concerned within the incident.

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