North Carolina TV anchor shares ‘surreal’ expertise of elevating new child whereas total household battles Covid-19

North Carolina TV anchor shares 'surreal' experience of raising newborn while entire family battles Covid-19

Grantham, an anchor for Source affiliate WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina, stated her household had been extraordinarily cautious. She had examined unfavorable for Covid-19 earlier than leaving the hospital. Same together with her in-laws who got here to observe the opposite kids.

But someway, someplace, her 9-year-old daughter, Parker, contracted Covid-19.

“We were home with the newborn, and Hobie, it’s his name, he was 4 days old or 3 days old at the time and my daughter started experiencing allergy-like symptoms. We didn’t think much of it,” Grantham instructed Source’s Kate Bolduan. “Turns out it was (Covid-19) and so by that point we were all here kissing on the baby and we all got it.”

The signs had been completely different for everybody, Grantham wrote in a Facebook post.

After experiencing allergy-like signs, Parker broke out in a fever and was nauseous. Five-year-old Hutch had a chilly and runny nostril. Husband Wes misplaced his sense of style and odor and felt torpid.

Grantham stated she felt fatigued and had bodyaches, which she thought had been aftereffects of getting simply given start. But later, when she went to get a Covid-19 take a look at — which got here again optimistic — a chest X-ray confirmed she additionally had pneumonia. Antibiotics she was given for the pneumonia brought about her to interrupt out in hives throughout her face. The new drugs brought about her to throw up.

And she needed to take care of all of this whereas caring for days-old Hobie and monitoring him for any signs.

“it was scary. Some nights, watching a newborn breathe, watching his rib cage rise and fall,” Grantham instructed Bolduan. “I was like, what am I looking for? Is that breath different from that breath?”

Hobie’s speedy take a look at got here again unfavorable, however the hospital stated he must be assumed optimistic. So at 10 days outdated, Hobie was formally the youngest individual to be examined and the youngest presumptively optimistic Covid-19 case in Mecklenburg County, in line with Grantham.

The home, understandably, was absolute chaos.

“Hobie was crying and Hutch and Parker were fighting. Family members wanted updates. Dishes needed (to be) washed. What were we doing for dinner? Laundry was spilling into the hallways. Everyone else needed me and I wanted to stop picking up the phone,” Grantham stated.

The two weeks of her “quarantine-illness-filled-world” was “surreal,” Grantham stated. But now, together with her household being all OK, she stated she hopes their story will deliver extra consciousness to the truth that children can get Covid-19.

“My message is that kids can get it and that it is a public health issue,” Grantham instructed Bolduan. “It is some ways being politicized all over the place, but it is a public health issue at the core of it.”

“You can have an opinion on how it should be handled, but the fact is it’s impacting everybody and it is very real,” she stated.

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