Nolen Gur Health Benefits: Sweet Recipes You Can Try In Winters

Nolen Gur Health Benefits: Sweet Recipes You Can Try In Winters

Nolen gur is great for immunity and total well being.


  • Nolen gur refers so far palm jaggery.
  • Nolen gur affords numerous well being advantages.
  • Here are some nolen gur recipes you may strive.

Gur (jaggery) is a winter staple in nearly all Indian households. Many individuals take a chunk of it after each meal as a dessert and to digest the meals eaten. Gur might be of various varieties; the commonest one which we normally devour comes from sugarcane. In Bengali delicacies, nolen gur enjoys extra reputation. Nolen gur is extracted from date palm timber utilizing deft expertise throughout the winter season in West Bengal. Nolen can also be candy sufficient and has an amazing essence, superb style and goes with many dessert recipes. Nolen gur brings its personal style, texture and different benefits; making it a must-try possibility in your winter food regimen.

Health Benefits Of Nolen Gur In Winters:

According to Dr. Manoj Okay. Ahuja, “Gur is best consumed during the winter months because you get fresh jaggery during this time. Gur is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, helping in keeping the body warm and boosting its immunity to stave off cold and cough.”

Nolen gur is a pure sweetener and can be utilized as a more healthy various to subtle sugar.

Nolen gur is extraordinarily wealthy in iron and potassium, which can assist handle your haemoglobin stage

Nolen gur additionally accommodates an excellent quantity of magnesium, which can be useful for our nervous system, and muscular tissues and bones.

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4 Nolen Gur-Based Recipes You Must Try:

1. Jaynagarer Moa

It is a Bengali candy dish made with popped rice, mixed with full cream milk, dry fruits, and naturally, nolen gur. Click here to get the full recipe of Jaynagarer Moa.


2. Patishapta

This is a well-known Bengali-style conventional pancake, which is mainly crepe made with refined flour, rice flour and semolina and full of a candy coconut and date palm jaggery filling. Click here for the full recipe.

3. Nolen Gur Payesh

This guilt-free payesh is made with gluten-free Gobind bhog rice, cooked as common in milk and sweetened with more healthy nolen gur. Along with dry fruits, a touch of ghee can also be added to provide it an excellent style and depth. Click here for the full recipe.


4. Karupatti Halwa

This is a well-liked halwa from Tamil Nadu made with diminished date pam jaggery syrup, rice flour and ghee. The addition of pistachios and almonds makes this south Indian-style halwa a must-try. Click here for the full recipe.


Enjoy the good style and well being advantages of nolen gur this winter with these recipes.

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