Nicolas Cage Loves Jim Carrey’s Weird New Book, But Tom Cruise Might Punch Him

Nicolas Cage Loves Jim Carrey's Weird New Book, But Tom Cruise Might Punch Him

Veteran comedy actor Jim Carrey has set his sights on a brand new profession as a novelist. The star of many 90’s and early 2000’s comedies has written a semi-autobiographical novel titled Memoirs and Misinformation, co-written with Mergers and Acquisitions writer Dana Vachon. In an interview with Indiewire, Carrey defined why writing a full-on autobiography would have been a boring alternative for him:

“There’s nothing, at this point in my artistic life, more boring than the idea of writing down the actual events of my life in some chronological order. Trying to expand my brand. This is not that. … Jim Carrey in this book is really a representative – he’s an avatar of anybody in my position. Of the artist, of the celebrity, of the star. That world and all its excesses and gluttony and self-focus and vanity. Some of it is very actual. You just won’t know which is which. But even the fictional qualities of the e-book reveal a fact.”

In the novel’s blended world of actuality and fiction, the central character of Jim Carrey is a jaded film star whose wealth and privilege are steadily slicing him off from the true world. After a string of jobs taken purely for the paycheck, Carrey lastly will get an opportunity at a meaty function, the conclusion of which takes the character on a whirlwind journey throughout Hollywood.

In that journey, Carrey meets a string of characters which are fictionalized variations of precise stars, together with Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicolas Cage, and Anthony Hopkins. Carrey personally despatched all of the actors letters of rationalization as to their look in his novel, they usually responded positively, notably Cage.

“It’s satire and parody but also done with reverence. Most of the people in this book are people whom I admire greatly. I was talking to Nic Cage a couple days ago. I hadn’t told him anything about the book and then one day I sprung it on him, and he just said, ‘Jim, I’m so honored, man. You have no idea’. I said, ‘I gave you all the best lines’. ‘It’s unheard of!’ He’s so excited about it.”

However, there may be one actor who might need a bone to select with Carrey over his inclusion within the novel. A pastiche of Tom Cruise seems within the narrative known as “Laser Jack Lighting” for authorized functions. While Carrey says the parody is all in good enjoyable, he is undecided Cruise will find yourself loving it:

“That’s just us poking fun at the litigiousness of Hollywood. I know Tom Cruise. He may sock me, but hey, I’ll take the beating for a piece of art. I think he’s going to love it.”

While the world must wait to search out out Cruise’s response to the character of ‘Laser Jack Lighting’, Memoirs and Misinformation is slated for launch on July 7. An audiobook model of the novel options the voice of Carrey’s “Dumb and Dumber” co-star Jeff Daniels. This information comes from Indiewire.

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