Live updates: George Floyd protests throughout the US

Live updates: George Floyd protests across the US

Police in New York have begun arresting protesters in Manhattan’s Midtown district, as crowds stay out on the streets in violation of the citywide eight p.m. curfew.

After a day of largely peaceable protests, the final remaining group of Manhattan demonstrators spent the previous few hours marching north, ranging from the decrease finish of Midtown up towards Central Park.

Then, as evening fell and the protesters reached 57th Street, “officers just started moving in and making arrests,” stated Source Correspondent Shimon Prokupecz, reporting from the scene. “One of the officers was swinging his baton, and the captain actually pulled him back after seeing this officer doing this.”

Officers then started making arrests with none warning or announcement beforehand, Prokupecz stated, estimating the police numbered within the a whole lot.

“They came east, they came west, and they just swarmed this area. It was clear that they wanted to move in and take these demonstrators off the street,” Prokupecz stated.

On the opposite facet of the East River, protesters additionally confronted off with police in Brooklyn — however right here, they managed to defuse among the rigidity in a second of shared unity.

Tensions threatened briefly to boil over when protesters, numbering a bit of over 100, have been met with a line of cops. Then, one of many police chiefs reached out to talk with the protesters, shook a few of their palms, and deescalated the scenario, stated Source Correspondent Jason Carroll.

“It’s the first time since we’ve been out here where we’ve seen police engage some of these protesters in this way,” Carroll stated. “It’s an incredible thing you see there, Chief (Jeffrey) Maddrey still talking and engaging with these young men and women … These officers are trying to engage with the community.”

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