Kandi Burruss’ Husband, Todd Tucker Says His Mission Is To Bring Great Dining Experiences To South Atlanta

Kandi Burruss' Husband, Todd Tucker Says His Mission Is To Bring Great Dining Experiences To South Atlanta

Kandi Burruss‘ hubby, Todd Tucker said that he has an important mission, and he’s doing every little thing to get issues executed. Check out his message under.

‘And Another One! Our mission is to bring great dining experiences to the south side of Atlanta! We will be great!’ Todd captioned his put up.

Someone mentioned: ‘We need a “Smokin’ Aces” and “Kandied Yams” restaurant too. 🤣’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Maybe the “a” should have been in a red flame color. I don’t Know concerning the gold. Sun reflection and attempting to learn it. Nice phrase tho.’

One follower wrote: ‘I’m so excited! At the speed you guys are going subsequent time I’m in Atlanta I’ll have someplace good to eat on daily basis of my journey lol. #powercouplegoals,’ and one other individual mentioned: ‘Congratulations, I plan to come out there next year, Girls trip with my cousin.’

A fan posted this: ‘Beautiful sign I would definitely eat there but I’m allergic to shellfish,’ and one different commenter mentioned: ‘no doubt everything y’all touched turned to go the place is restaurant going to be fireplace.’

Someone else posted: ‘That’s sound bout proper the a ought to have been Red good thought,’ and a commenter wrote: ‘The gold … I don’t know. Where is the crimson /orange flame letters 🔥.’

Another follower mentioned: ‘Where is this at I want to go congratulate I love steaks,’ and another person wrote this: ‘I live in California, we need more young black business owners.’

In different information, Kandi Burruss‘ hubby, Todd Tucker wished to share his dream car with followers and followers. Check out the clip that he shared on his social media account under.


‘I just wanted to share with you my dream car. Growing up in Cali I saw vintage Broncos often and always loved them,’ he wrote and followers appreciated that he shared this with them.

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