High-Sugar Diet May Damage Gut-Health – Experts Reveal

High-Sugar Diet May Damage Gut-Health - Experts Reveal

Added sugar in our on a regular basis weight-reduction plan has lengthy been related to a number of health-related points together with weight problems and diabetes. A brand new examine additional finds that this sort of meals behavior could result in colitis – a kind of inflammatory bowel illness (IBD). For the unversed, IBD is a time period used for a number of power irritation within the digestive tract; colitis being one of many points. This irritation of the internal lining of colon may also trigger steady diarrhea, stomach ache and rectal bleeding. The findings have been revealed within the journal Science Translation Medicine.

The experiment was carried out on mice and it was discovered that those, who have been consumed high-sugar diet, developed worse colitis. The researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center additionally discovered micro organism in these mice’s massive gut that may be dangerous for the intestine’s protecting mucus layer.

As per Hasan Zaki, Ph.D., who led the examine, this experiment appeared into the weight-reduction plan that was excessive in fats, sugar and animal protein. The researchers fed mice an answer of water with a 10 p.c focus of varied dietary sugars for 10 days. The sugars included glucose, fructose, and sucrose


“They discovered that mice that have been both genetically predisposed to develop colitis, or these given a chemical that induces colitis, developed extra extreme signs in the event that they have been first given sugar,” learn a report revealed on the web site of UT Southwestern Medical Center. The researchers additionally noticed proof of thinning of the mucus layer within the intestine, which protects the liner of the big gut.

As per lead researcher Zaki, he now plans to learn the way or whether or not excessive consumption of sugar impacts the event of different inflammatory ailments like weight problems, fatty stay and many others.

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