Here’s a information to deadlines from Election Day to inauguration

Here's a guide to deadlines from Election Day to inauguration

President Donald Trump and his allies have advised that the system is only fair if a winner is declared on election night, however that is a horrible misreading of the US Constitution and US legislation, each of which clarify that the technical strategy of choosing a president is simply getting began on Election Day.
The system is very complicated as a result of voters solely forged ballots to find out which candidate will get to ship a handpicked group of allies referred to as electors to the Electoral College, the place the precise presidential vote takes place. (Here’s a refresher on that.)

Americans have been refining the method for the reason that election of 1800, which initially resulted in an Electoral College tie. The House of Representatives gave Thomas Jefferson the presidency and that first disputed election resulted within the 12th modification, which modified the Electoral College course of.

Later, in 1824, John Quincy Adams obtained to the White House regardless of not profitable both the favored vote or a majority within the Electoral College.

In 1876, the leads to a number of Southern states have been disputed, and the shortage of clear Electoral College outcomes led to a deal within the House that gave Rutherford B. Hayes the presidency although he gained neither the Electoral College nor the favored vote. That finally begat the Electoral Count Act of 1887, which continues to be in impact as we speak.

The entire timeline is beneath.

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