Has racism within the UK modified between 2016 and 2020?

Has racism in the UK changed between 2016 and 2020?

Nesta McGregor investigated what was behind the Black Lives Matter protests that occurred throughout Britain in 2016, asking why some black folks within the UK nonetheless felt racism affected them on daily basis. Sound acquainted in 2020?

In this documentary, made 4 years in the past, Nesta travels the nation talking to younger black folks and attracts on his personal private experiences of rising up within the UK.

He meets Benathi who helped organise a number of the marches – she feels she has been discriminated towards, up to now, at work due to her afro hair-style and Jen, a legislation graduate, who thinks it takes some time to sink in that folks could deal with you in a different way since you’re black.

Nesta additionally goes again to the council property the place he grew as much as discover out whether or not black folks must be doing extra to assist themselves in addition to highlighting inequalities.

This movie was first broadcast in October 2016.

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