Google Maps Congresswoman Martha McSally

Ms McSally facing a surprisingly tough challenge from her Democratic opponent, Kyrsten Sinema, who sailed to victory in this week’s primaries by branding herself as a moderate alternative to Donald Trump’s allies in the state GOP. Ms McSally, an Air Force veteran and the first female American pilot to fly in combat, joined each of the Republican candidates for Senate in supporting the president’s agenda, after previously standing in opposition to his hard-line immigration policies. Her goal in the Republican primaries, according to analysts, was to essentially stop the president from endorsing either of her two opponents, including the controversial former Sheriff Joe Arpaio — who Mr Trump pardoned last year — and Kelli Ward, another staunch supporter of the White House. After abandoning her support for a bill to protect undocumented minors who entered the country with their families, embracing the term “fake news” and vowing to help build the president’s proposed border wall, it appeared her mission was a success. Mr Trump celebrated the Arizona congresswoman as an “extraordinary woman” on Twitter after she secured the Republican nomination in Tuesday’s primaries.

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