Emirati girl smashes soccer ‘hotstepping’ Guinness report

Emirati woman smashes soccer 'hotstepping' Guinness record

The earlier report?

A mere 56, set in March within the United Kingdom.

“It’s an amazing feeling to break a Guinness World Records title!” she stated in a tweet. A video together with the tweet reveals her fancy footwork as she achieved her purpose. “It’s a proud moment an achievement for me, for my name to be on there, for my country, and for women around the world. I’m really happy.”

Al Hammadi “took the challenge… within a residential area in Mirdif, Dubai, on a concrete ground outdoors, using a FIFA approved football,” the Guinness group stated in an announcement.

“I wanted to do something special,” Al Hammadi stated. “I managed to break the record following a week of practice but wanted to raise the bar on this record title to keep it, at least for a while.”

She additionally performs for the UAE National Football Team.

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