Donald Trump Says He’ll Ban Tik-Tok, Microsoft And ByteDance Suddenly Stop Negotiations

Donald Trump

Hot New Hip Hop mentioned in the present day that Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America, plans to make use of an govt order of some variety to ban TikTok within the United States. Rumor has it that TikTok could also be used as a adware, disguised as a social media software.

In the previous, the president has spoken in regards to the social sharing platform on various events, nevertheless, on the 31st of July, he addressed it once more. The president reportedly mentioned earlier this weekend that “we’re banning them from the United States.”

The politician claimed, “I have that authority.” He says he may do it with an govt order if he wished too.

In case you missed it, Microsoft has reportedly stopped negotiations with the TikTok proprietor, ByteDance, a Chinese firm this afternoon.

Bill Gates’ large know-how firm supposedly plans to buy TikTok, nevertheless, it’s not clear what got here from the conferences, as a result of no further studies got here to fruition afterward. Trump made it abundantly clear up to now that he didn’t help the acquisition.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, TikTok has been a platform of selection for Anti-Trumpers who’ve reportedly used it as a software of assault towards Trump’s administration. For occasion, earlier this yr, it was alleged that TikTok customers had made it so his followers had been unable to purchase tickets at an Oklahoma rally.

This was the identical rally through which Trump had boasted of promoting many, many tickets, however they wound up having a low turnout. Celebrities comparable to P!nk had a area day with the information, writing on her Twitter account that she often sells out the Tulsa venue in hours.

Media shops urged Trump was unable to fill the seats on account of his dealing with of the coronavirus pandemic in addition to the Black Lives Matter protests. However, others have argued the low turnout had extra to do with the worry of the coronavirus.


Regarding Trump’s distaste for the Chinese-owned TikTok, it’s widespread information that the sitting president isn’t keen on China. When the virus made its means into the United States, the president made positive to name it the “Chinese virus” repeatedly.

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