Cynthia Bailey Has A Message For Fans About Focus And Distractions

Cynthia Bailey Has A Message For Fans About Focus And Distractions

Cynthia Bailey shared a message on her social media account about focus and distractions. Check out the put up that she shared beneath.

‘“Starve your distractions, feed your focus!” Fun work zoom with @noellerobinson for our partnership with @sheamoisture new #wigandweave product line. It’s every part! #thursdaythoughts #cynthiabailey #workflow’ Cynthia wrote.

Someone stated: ‘Mmmm, mmm.. Miss Bailey..another reason to love you❤️’ and a follower, posted this: ‘@cynthiabailey, do you still have your sunglasses line anymore?’

A commenter posted this: ‘Yaaasss 50Cynt, I’m ravenous gurl! You look completely fabulous, darling❤️!’ and one othe follower stated: ‘Man, girl!!!!! You know what @cynthiabailey.’

Somoene else stated: ‘I can’t wait to observe RHOA, if im not mistaken I believe Porshia will get arrested,’ and another person stated: ‘Cynthia Bailey, the black hair suits you a lot brings your beauty I think you should keep it black for a while🔥🔥🔥.’

A commenter stated: ‘Funny how you used to make jokes about other ladies’ weights and have to train. God is laughing now at how it’s essential reduce weight, to not point out how puffy and bloated your face is from age, weight, and unhealthy work.’

In different information, Cynthia Bailey proudly dropped an important announcement on her social media account. Check it out beneath.

‘#Repost @itsmikehill: We got next!! Here’s what’s new in my world. I completely happy & honoured to be part of this new community @bncnews and staff. I hope you’ll “Start Your Day” with @sharonreedlive & Mike beginning at 6 am in March! @wsj’ Cynthia started.

“CONGRATS!👏🏾 to my husband @itsmikehill! I am so excited for your new journey. I truly admire your talent, determination & incredible work ethic. Continue to live your best life and walk toward your purpose. You are so deserving & I am so proud of you. I love you forever. Now let’s go!”🥂’ Cynthia captioned her put up.


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