Bird Flu: FSSAI Issues 10-Point Guide To Eat Egg And Chicken The Right Way

Bird Flu: FSSAI Issues 10-Point Guide To Eat Egg And Chicken The Right Way

Several states together with Delhi and Mumbai have confirmed the avian influenza, generally often known as the hen flu. Some additionally banned the sale of eggs and hen as a safety measure, the ban is slowly being lifted now, however since a lot confusion nonetheless persists across the flu, FSSAI issued a information to eat hen and eggs the best method. The guideline on the secure dealing with, processing and consumption of poultry meat and eggs throughout hen flu scare was launched on Thursday on FSSAI’s official web site.

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The 10-point information goals to create consciousness amongst FBOs and common shoppers of eggs and poultry. It is okay to eat it whether it is cooked correctly, WHO has additionally confirmed that correct cooking inactivates the virus current contained in the meat and eggs. The FSSAI additionally reiterated that poultry meat and eggs from the areas affected with outbreaks in poultry shouldn’t be consumed uncooked or partially cooked. There isn’t any information to verify that correctly cooked hen and eggs have brought about any indicators of an infection amongst people, even when the meals have been contaminated with the avian influenza virus. WHO’S official web site has additionally warned towards spreading false rumours, there isn’t a danger or legitimate epidemiological information to show that illness might be transmitted in people on consumption of cooked meals.

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Bird Flu: Proper cooking inactivates the virus in poultry says FSSAI

Here are the 10 precautionary measures launched by FSSAI on their official web site:


1. Do not eat half-boiled eggs
2. Do not eat undercooked hen
3. Avoid direct contact with birds within the contaminated areas
4. Avoid touching lifeless birds with naked arms
5. Do not preserve uncooked meat in open
6. No direct contact with uncooked meat
7. Use a masks and gloves on the time of dealing with uncooked hen
8. Wash arms steadily
9. Maintain the cleanliness of environment.
10. Eat hen, eggs and their merchandise after cooking.

The virus is destroyed at 70°C if held for about Three seconds, the doc by FSSAI famous.  Properly cooking meat or eggs to attain a temperature of 74°C in eggs or all elements of meat will almost definitely inactivate the virus. So temperature is essential. The FSSAI additionally discouraged folks from panicking and inflicting additional confusion.

(This content material together with recommendation gives generic info solely. It is under no circumstances an alternative to certified medical opinion. Always seek the advice of a specialist or your individual physician for extra info. The Source doesn’t declare duty for this info.)

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