Biden transition group denies outgoing performing protection secretary transitional workplace area

Biden transition team denies outgoing acting defense secretary transitional office space

In the previous it has been a courtesy to supply transitioning workplace area and assets to departing secretaries of protection.

“Given Mr. Miller’s acting capacity in that role, as well as reduced staffing and occupation of the Pentagon and auxiliary offices during Covid-19, we deemed it appropriate not to extend that perk in this instance,” the official mentioned. Miller was named performing secretary on November 9.

Source has requested the Department of Defense for remark.

The admission — throughout a press gaggle Thursday on his return from a visit to Nebraska, Tennessee and Colorado — got here because the Pentagon mentioned at least 25,000 National Guard were being mobilized in Washington, DC, amid safety issues round this week’s inauguration following the lethal riot on the US Capitol.
Tensions between the Biden transition and Trump’s political appointees on the Pentagon simmered for weeks, coming to a head in late December when the transition group disputed recommendations from Pentagon officers who questioned the accuracy of the President-elect’s assertion that the Department of Defense has refused to brief his group on the huge cyberattack on authorities companies and main American expertise and accounting corporations. Unnamed Pentagon officers basically accused Biden of mendacity when he was discussing the assault with reporters and mentioned that the Defense Department “won’t even brief us, on many things.”
Earlier that month, Biden’s transition group mentioned that they’d not agreed to a two-week break in critical transfer-of-power discussions with Pentagon officers, regardless of an assertion from the performing Defense secretary that either side had agreed to take such a “holiday pause.” The tensions spilled into public view after Miller had mentioned the incoming Biden group had agreed to a two-week vacation break in beforehand scheduled transition talks on the Pentagon.

The strained relationship between the incoming and outgoing administrations has seen a number of controversial final minute strikes.

The National Security Agency said Sunday it was putting in Trump National Security Council staffer Michael Ellis as its normal counsel, after Miller ordered NSA Director Gen. Paul Nakasone to put the Trump loyalist into the position. The transfer is critical as a result of the position of normal counsel on the nation’s largest intelligence company is a civil service place, not a political position, which means it might be tough for the Biden administration to take away Ellis. The technique of making an attempt to put in political loyalists into profession positions is named “burrowing” within the authorities.

Miller’s appointment preceded a post-election purge that noticed a few of the senior-most Defense Department civilians ousted in a matter of days, together with the leaders of the Defeat-ISIS activity pressure, the highest Pentagon officers overseeing coverage and intelligence, and the undersecretary of protection for intelligence, amongst others. The positions have been rapidly full of people perceived as Trump loyalists.

Source’s Oren Liebermann, Jeff Zeleny, Sarah Mucha, Jeremy Herb and Zachary Cohen contributed to this report.

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