Ben Affleck Says Struggling Through Justice League Was Worth It Because Of His Kids

Ben Affleck

Movie Web picked up on an interview with Ben Affleck this weekend through which the actor defined his most turbulent years within the Hollywood scene following his meteoric rise as a result of success of Good Will Hunting, starring himself, Matt Damon, and Robin Williams.

Fans of the actor know Ben Affleck and Matt Damon turned large stars seemingly in a single day when Good Will Hunting, whose screenplay was seen by Robin Williams, earned each actors an Oscar for the most effective unique screenplay in addition to essential reward for his character, Chucky.

For years, Ben continued in the identical vein, showing in film after film, typically in romantic movies and different occasions in additional critical roles. However, as time handed, his personal life became a subject of interest for tabloid stories.

During a dialog with The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck touched on his tumultuous profession together with how he as soon as fell from the graces of Hollywood (from which he ultimately bounced again).

Despite the very fact Ben had earned an Oscar for Argo, a movie concerning the Iranian hostage disaster, he encountered challenges as his relationship with Jennifer Garner collapsed and his alcohol dependancy worsened. Ben had been out and in of rehab a lot of occasions over the course of his life. In truth, Jennifer even drove him to rehab once.

According to the Academy Award winner, it was the movie, Batman versus Superman, his issues making Justice League, in addition to his private life that pushed him over the sting of the cliff of dependancy. These days, he’s doing rather a lot higher, like his profession, however he’s extra cautious.

Mr. Affleck has been within the headlines repeatedly over the previous couple of months for his relationship with Ana De Armas. Furthermore, Ben will star as Batman as soon as once more in a film primarily based on The Flash, and his newest mission, The Way Back, has generated dialogue amongst critics and award circles.


In different phrases, it seems as if Ben’s profession is on the up and up, and we simply may even see extra nice tasks from him sooner or later.

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