Analysis: Donald Trump’s newest false Covid-19 promise

Analysis: Donald Trump's latest false Covid-19 promise

At a rally in Florida on Thursday afternoon, Trump said this of the coronavirus:

“You know the bottom line, though? You’re gonna get better. You’re gonna get better. If I can get better, anybody can get better. And I got better fast.”

First of all, Trump isn’t just anybody. As I’ve documented earlier than, his therapy after a coronavirus prognosis earlier this month was not the type of factor the typical individual can count on and even hope for. (Total value of Trump’s care as estimated by The New York Times? $100,000.)

Second off, Trump will not be a medical physician. So any steerage he gives about your possibilities of restoration in case you do get Covid-19 are roughly equal to me telling you an identical factor. In different phrases, do not give it an excessive amount of credence.

Third, and most significantly, the entire knowledge makes abundantly clear that you just can truly die from the coronavirus. As in, not everyone seems to be “gonna get better.”  

When Trump uttered this false promise on Thursday, more than 228,000 Americans had died from the disease. Yes, that may be a fraction of the 8.9 million who’ve caught and recovered from Covid-19. But the deaths are nonetheless staggering.
And there’s plenty of proof to counsel issues will worsen earlier than they get higher. More than 74,000 Americans a day right now are coming down with the coronavirus, and 41 states have seen a rise of no less than 10% in circumstances versus final week.

Given all of that, Trump’s insistence that we’re “rounding the corner” on the virus is nonsensical. As is his assertion at the moment that even in case you do get Covid-19 you are “gonna get better” as a result of, effectively, he did.

But it is greater than nonsensical. It’s harmful. Because it provides Trump’s most loyal supporters a deeply false sense of safety concerning the virus and its potential results. And that results in behaviors that unfold the exact same virus.

The Point: Donald Trump is making these outlandish claims about Covid-19 as a result of he is aware of he cannot win an election the place folks have the pandemic on the prime of their minds. Unfortunately, a lot of his supporters do not appear to get that — and take his (false) phrase because the gospel fact.

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