Abby Lee Miller Apologizes After Black ‘Dance Moms’ Accuse Her Of Making Racist Comments On The Show!

Abby Lee Miller Apologizes After Black ‘Dance Moms’ Accuse Her Of Making Racist Comments On The Show!

Abby Lee Miller responded to the accusations that she used to make racist feedback on Dance Moms. It all began when two of the black moms referred to as her out for being insincere after displaying assist to the Black Lives Matter motion.

In response, Abby promised to be taught and do higher sooner or later and in addition apologized for her ignorant phrases.

Adriana Smith was the primary to slam Abby for apparently saying her daughter was solely on the present for a ‘sprinkle of color.’

And that was not all! The season eight mother additionally claimed Abby urged she lived within the ‘hood.’

The former Dance Moms teacher and host wrote in her apology letter that: ‘I understand and deeply regret the way my words have affected and hurt those around me, particularly those from the Black community. To Kamryn, Adriana and anyone else I have hurt, I’m really sorry. I understand racism can come not simply from hate, but additionally ignorance. No matter what the trigger, it’s dangerous and it’s my fault.’

She added that ‘While I can’t change the previous or take away the hurt I’ve performed, I promise to coach myself, to be taught, develop and do higher. While I hope sooner or later I can earn your forgiveness, I acknowledge phrases alone aren’t sufficient. I perceive that it takes time and real change.’

Adriana beforehand urged in her exposing publish that she felt prefer it was the proper time to inform the world the ‘truth’ about Abby Lee Miller, referring, after all, to the George Floyd and BLM motion protests.

The girl went on to recall one thing that Abby stated that had caught along with her.

According to Adriana, Abby urged that as a result of the mom ‘grew up in the HOOD with only a box of 8 crayons’ whereas she ‘grew up in the country club with a box of 64’ she was one way or the other superior.

While Abby didn’t explicitly say that final half, Adriana undoubtedly bought that impression from the not so delicate diss.

Besides, Abby additionally suggested her to not be ‘stupid’ proper after the hood and crayons remark.

Furthermore, she recalled Abby telling her why she was on the present by suggesting she appeared within the mirror!


This, after all, was meant to downplay her daughter’s skills by suggesting that she was solely on the present for the sake of illustration.

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