PSN Down: Servers Are Struggling For PlayStation 4

By – July 12, 2018Today’s been a pretty busy one for Epic Games, with the launch of its fifth season of Fortnite and the introduction of its revamping of the Unreal Engine program. But that doesn’t mean everything has gone their way today.First off, PlayStation Network ran into some issues that were affecting the game for a few hours. Now it appears that it’s running into issues in general.The company recently made note of some issues happening within Fortnite that appears to be affecting players, including something that appears to be affecting both matchmaking and logging in across all platforms.Just a little while ago, it noted, “We’re aware of and actively investigating an issue impacting multiple game services. We’ll keep you updated as we identify and work towards a resolution.” A few minutes later, it updated with, “We are continuing to investigate the issue.”

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